How a Virtual Mailbox is different from a Virtual Office? Can I simply apply a permanent business address?

Many are confused by virtual mailbox service.  We often get asked whether it is similar to virtual office.  Obviously, virtual mailbox is one of the features of virtual office.  It offers a permanent business address for receiving all of your physical mails and parcels.

In the past years, entrepreneurs applied virtual mailboxes were simply because of establishing credibility as well as protect their personal privacy and information.  Recently, along with prompt enhancement on information technology, expectations on business service become higher from end users.

Apart from correspondence address, phone service, fax handling or conference spaces may be required by entrepreneurs for their business development. These are the inducements to virtual office evolution.

Today, virtual offices are not merely come with a professional business address as well provide a wide range of business services.  Clients can simply request to have selected pieces by taking their business demands into consideration.

As the payment is based on the actual service(s) consumption, the associated cost can be saved. It is the reason why virtual office is popular with small businesses (especially startups).

What other features are being provided by Virtual Office?

Virtual offices typically offer their clients:

  • Professional Business Address
    A recognized hub which can be used on sales materials (e.g. business cards and official website), as well banking and government-issued documents.
  • Mails Handling or Forwarding:
    You can simply request service provider to have selected pieces of mail and/or parcel forwarded, after receiving.
  • Conference Spaces
    There may be instances when you will need a physical office-style room in which to hold meetings, give presentations, or meet clients. These rooms come with all the necessary office features. However, to rent these you need to pay extra.
  • Receptionist Services
    This is who will take your business calls and provide all the necessary services upon visitors’ arrival.

Who will benefit most from Virtual Office?

It is ideal for theentrepreneur who: 1/ does not have the need for a physical office space; 2/ does not have an office in the current stage; or 3/ is seeking a new working space.  What do they need is just a business address for governmental documents and banking mails receiving.

It is popular with Small Businesses enhancing their corporate images and none of the associated costs that come with having a traditional office space.

Startups and Entrepreneurs may enjoy many features of virtual office at no administrative staff hiring cost.

Individual Professionals who need to explore the local business and professionalism of a real office, without the overhead of a long-term lease.

What are the advantages for Virtual Office option?

  1. Save time and money in recruiting business resources

    By considering of limited resources and capital for startups, virtual mailbox is one of the business solutions for cost control.  End users may run their home businesses with no office lease, no utility payments and no hardware that come with having a traditional working space.
  2. Have prime business address

    Virtual office users will be given a prestigious business address at an affordable price.  It is critical to corporate image, as more customers will be attracted and credibility will be established.
  3. Flexible Service Options

    Virtual office allows entrepreneurs renting the services they need and modifying it anytime. It also allows employers interacting and collaborating with employees just like they would in a traditional brick-and-mortar office.  Business owners may upgrade their existing virtual office service plans to serviced office packages whenever changing business locations or setting up their physical offices.  The service term is flexible.
  4. Professional customer service

    In-house receptionist or virtual assistant will take your phone calls.  Business owners will not be bother with neither cold calls nor miss business calls.  No further payment is required for those services.

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