Tips for Starting Business: Professional Business Centre Provides You All-Round Supports for Succeed

Obviously, business center has deep historical roots for over 20 years. Nowadays, over 7,000 qualified business centres are being registered in Hong Kong.  Anticlly, “Business Center” is still unfamiliar to local people.

To survive in the competitive business world, it is not easy for both startup and SME setting up their permanent offices due to high rental concern, especially the business districts in Hong Kong Island.

It is too costly for startup or SME using traditional office space.  They have to spend a lot on both administration and rental upon business kick-off.  Business Centre, as a result, becomes popular for operational cost minimization.

Tips for Starting Business: Professional Business Centre Provides You All-Round Supports for Succeed

What is “Business Centre”?

Business Centre is a platform for providing workspace to individuals or small teams.  Tenants may enjoy their exclusive workspace without renting entire flat.
In addition, tenants may work in prime commercial areas and use it as their registered address by paying less than leasing traditional office.
In general practice, standard office setup (e.g. working desks, chairs and internet access) are being provided in business centre.
Therefore, tenants may start their work upon completing the application immediately, no fixture expense or time cost is required.

Factors for Making Choice on Business Centre

i) Pricing

Don’t get trapped from crazy deals, as additional charges (e.g. water supply and management fee etc.) may be applied to some business centres.
Tenants are encouraged to compare the market prices and ensure there is no hidden charge included to the offers.

ii) Licensing

One of the reasons for some business centres lowering their prices is because of license issue.  Unlicensed operation for business centre is illegal and will be forced to close.  Tenants will be troubled by changing their registered address unavoidably.
For further information on licensing, please visit the official website for Companies Registry as follows:

iii) Accessibility

On tenants’ mind, not only environment and facilities are being considered upon business centre selection, accessibility is also their key concern.
As they will treat business centre as a connecting hub for clients greeting, location is important.
It is definitely an advantage for tenants to save their travel time if their working space is close to MTR station within walking distance.

iv) Services

Variety of services are being provided by business centre.  For instance: secretarial service, tea & coffee, printed publications etc.  Tenants may enjoy those services in business centre without self-arrangement.
Be caution!  Not all of the services which are being offered by business centre are in complimentary basis.  Tenants are being encouraged to check if their preferred services are chargeable before signing up the leasing contract.
Normally, payable items include: conference room usage, printing and copying etc.
Today, pricing for most of the business centres is transparent.  It allows tenants to have better control on their business cost according to their operational needs.

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