Account and Taxation Service

The Inland Revenue Department (IRD) of Hong Kong will issue tax return to individuals and corporate every year. Strangely, handling tax return is of paramount importance which is often neglected by post people due to unfamiliarization of taxation issues.

In fact, to make it easier and at once, just assign your tax issues to Conson.

With our professional advice, we ensure it will be managed on time with no worries about over paying tax or the late penalty imposed.

Our Service include :

  • Book-keeping & stock taking

  • Preparing financial statements

  • Preparing tax computation schedule

  • Filing tax returns

  • Replying letters from IRD

It is very common that staff salaries takes a major part of SMEs’ expenses.

In Hong Kong, it is easily costing over HK$10,000 a month for hiring an experienced book-keeper. If you need assist from a CPA firm, it may cost even higher. But now, you have another option. With our rich experience in dealing with accounting and taxation issues, we could provide the best solutions for you.

Focus on developing your business, just let us to handle it!