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  • Oversea Company Formation

    Registering a company is the first important step to start a new business, to avoid any potential risk or legal responsibility, professional advisory is a must. Over 30,000 companies have been successfully registered with Conson’s support, therefore, we are definitely your best choice!

    ​Clients may register offshore and overseas companies with the support form our reliable international partners.

Oversea Company Formation​

Taiwan Company Formation

HK$ 25,000
  • Set up Fee and Government Fee
  • First verify the company name and business nature
  • Sign the documents for incorporation
  • Set up Company Bank Account
  • Remit funds
  • It takes about 2-3 weeks
  • Applicants must come in person to sign and set up company bank account
  • If you register by a Hong Kong company, you must apply for a notarized document
  • The virtual office address is about NT$4,200 per month, including tax (requires signing and paying for 1 year)
  • Monthly accounting fees start at approximately NT$3,000
  • The above fees are for reference only, and the relevant fees will be adjusted according to the nature of the company’s industry

England Company Formation

HK$ 7,200
  • Set up Fee and Government Fee
    • Searching company name
    • Submit the Notification of First Director, Secretary and Registered Office to gov.
    • Apply for the Cretificate of Incorporation (CI)
    • Provision of M&A 5 copies , Statutory Books and Share Certificate
    • Provision of Company Chop & Seal and the company kit
    • Preparing the Bank Minutes & Certified True Copies for bank account opening

           Around 10 working days

           Annual fee HK$5,700

Macau Company Formation

HK$ 15,000
  • Set up Fee, Registration Service Fee and secertarial fee for the first year but not including government fees
  • Checking the name
  • Sign the documents for incorporation
  • Applying the business registration certificate
  • Request for commencement of business

    Need around 12-14 working days

Government fees

Including registration fee and stamp duty will be determined by the amount of registered capital

Registered capitalGovernment fees
Macau $25,000Around Macau $800
Macau $100,000Around Macau $$1,300
Macau $500,000Around Macau $5,000
Macau $1,000,000Around Macau $8,000

Singapore Company Formation

HK$ 38,000
  • Set up Fee, Registration Service Fee and secertarial fee for the first year
    • Check whether the name to be registered is available
    • If the company name is optional, customers need to pay the relevant fees in full and fax or email the completed form and required documents to us
    • The company will prepare related registration documents, company stamps and atomic seals
    • After the company is established, shareholders and directors need to sign on the prepared documents and go to the bank to open an account

               Need around 7 working days

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