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How a Virtual Mailbox is different from a Virtual Office? Can I simply apply a permanent business address?

Many are confused by virtual mailbox service.  We often get asked whether it is similar to virtual office.  Obviously, virtual mailbox is one of the features of virtual office.  It offers a permanent business address for receiving all of your physical mails and parcels………

4 Points for Attention AFTER Company Formation

As soon as your company is successfully  registered, please do not forget to submit various documents (e.g. Minutes of Annual General Meeting and Annual Return etc.) in yearly basis. ……

Tips for Starting Business: Professional Business Centre Provides You All-Round Supports for Succeed

Obviously, business center has deep historical roots for over 20 years. Nowadays, over 7,000 qualified business centres are being registered in Hong Kong.  Anticlly, “Business Center” is still unfamiliar to local people…….

Is Long Leasing Term the ONLY solution for office renting? Serviced Office MAY fulfill your needs!

There are dozens of reason for renting office in temporary basis.  For instance: hiring seasonal employees, office removal or business expansion etc…….

Tips for Business Operation – Company Directory Sign

As a business owner, you may not realize the new ordinance announced by the Companies Registry. We now introduce the new ordinance which is about company directory sign…….

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