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How single occupied serviced office available to the market and Why?

How single occupied serviced office available to the market and Why?

Renting traditional office or leasing serviced office?  Which one is better for one man band?

Single occupied workspace is one of the room alternatives for serviced office.  Nevertheless, the operational concept is different to traditional office.

When renting traditional office, you are the sole tenant who takes care not only business but also daily operation.

As serviced office user, you can enjoy privacy from work.
At the meanwhile, you have lots of opportunities for communicating with other tenants (which is an asset for co-working space).
Advantages for both privacy and community can be gathered from serviced office.

Obviously, serviced office is working space which provides individual area with full business facilities and services.  Approximating capacity between 1 and 10 persons.

Why single occupied serviced office is popular?

Rental for public area can be shared by other companies.
Tenants may enjoy accessible location, use well equipped facilities and experience wonderful customer service in serviced office.
Moreover, premier business address is not only enhancing your corporate image, but also being a recognition for business operation in Hong Kong.
For instance, Wanchai is a central business district which has many Grade A commercial buildings.

With corporate image concern, entrepreneurs prefer renting small serviced offices at premier location more than spacious working venues which are unpopular for business at similar price.

In fact, cost for leasing serviced office is much less than renting traditional office.

Serviced office provides one stop services to entrepreneurs.
Facilities maintenance, daily operation and reception service will be took care by professionals.
Tenants only require to bring their notebooks for work, without spending time on handling other general matters.

Leasing prices for serviced office

Leasing fee for serviced office is fix.  No hidden cost is available to the monthly rental.

It is incredible for enjoying an ideal working environment with paying less than HK$4,000 every month. Various business services, such as mails handling, telephone answering and refreshing drinks are being included to the rent

Moreover, leasing term for serviced office is flexible. Workspace can be used upon application.
It is definitely an advantage for SMEs which alternatives are essential to their businesses.