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The FOUR C’s: Tips for choosing Virtual Office from more than 7,857 spots


Why choosing Virtual Office instead of traditional office?

According to GEM National Report, more than 1 million entrepreneurs start their businesses up per annum.

In other words, 3 entrepreneurs will emerge per second per day. As many entrepreneurs have budget concern, they are not willing to invest on space leasing, instead, they prefer working in coffee shop or from home.

In fact, premium business address, well equipped meeting space and professional services are important to start-up business.

It is no doubt that, business can be gained along with positive corporate image. Virtual office HK, as a result, is definitely the best choice for start-up.

Most entrepreneurs with budget concern would consider the following address as their business address:

  1. Adopting residential address
    Registering residential address for business is illegal, therefore residential address CANNOT be adopted for commercial purpose.
  2. Borrowing business address from relatives or friends who have an office
    Cost is limited, however, embarrassment may be occurred if clients realize the registered address belongs to another company.
  3. Renting post office box
    As per the official instruction, public display of business name is required. Therefore, post office box rental is not a solution.
  4. Leasing own office space
    High operational cost for office leasing, though governmental requirement is fulfilled.
  5. Using business center services
    Competitive price, legal and low risk.

What is Virtual Office? Can I use virtual office for company registration?

Virtual Office is different to real office. Business is being allowed to operate at the registered location.  Nevertheless, the office does not obviously exist at the spot.

Corporate may enjoy professional business services, such as premium correspondent address registering, mails handling, telephone calls answering and conference rooms renting etc. at limited cost.

Expensive office rental threatens start-up businesses. According to the regulations, every company incorporated in Hong Kong MUST have a registered address in Hong Kong.

As mentioned before, residential address is unacceptable for business use. A business address, as a result, is essential to fulfill the basis requirement (no matter workspace is being used).

Obviously, it is a burden for start-up bearing the expense on office leasing. The generation of HK Virtual Office brings flexibility to entrepreneurs and minimize their operational cost. Those are the reasons for retaining Virtual Office’s popularity.

Advantages of Virtual Office

  • Legality
    A registered office is necessary which all communications and notices may be addressed between Hong Kong government and the company.
    Address neither residential nor post office box is inapplicable. 
    Companies Ordinance makes it an offence punishable by a fine of HKD100,000 and to imprisonment for 6 months on summary conviction for a person who makes any false or misleading statement (including registered address).
    Are virtual offices legal? Officially, business address which provided by virtual office is legal.
  • Cost Saving
    Different miscellaneous costs are required for leasing individual office. 
    For instance, electricity fee, management fee, business facilities, IT infrastructure & networking, logistic, equipment installation and technical support etc.
    However, virtual office users do not need to worry about those costs, plus, they may also enjoy extra services (such as: copying and conference room usage etc.) in competitive cost.
  • Professional Corporate Image Establishment
    Adopting different registered addresses may be required for dealing with various business needs.
    By comparing with office leasing in grade A commercial building, expense on virtual office usage is extremely competitive for only few hundreds pay every month.
    It is affordable for start-up entrepreneurs registering premium business address and enjoy outstanding services with small expenditure.
    Moreover, enhancing the corporate image may increase your reliability.
    Virtual office provides outstanding customer services on telephone calls answering, customer greetings and mails handling.
    Users do not need to pay for professionals’ recruitment. Individual entrepreneurs even will not miss any business opportunity during engagement, as their incoming phone calls will be answered by customer service officers with designated company names.
  • Flexibility
    Tariff for virtual office services are transparent, reasonable pricing and flexible service terms are always the core values for virtual office.
    Individual telephone and fax numbers can be assigned to users under different packages.
    Users may stop the plan whenever unnecessary, no pressure and no regret!
    One of the advantages for using virtual office is its flexibility.
    Clients just have to pay for what they need. Business resources, therefore, can be assigned effectively to both individual and corporate concerns.
    It makes virtual office becomes more popular day by day. How do we choose for virtual office indeed?

4Cs to choose the virtual office?

Considering of Business Nature

Various kind of services are being provided in virtual office, some of them may perfectly fulfill your business model while others may not.
Therefore, identifying your business goals and selecting tools are important for business development.

Comprehend the Virtual Office Functions

Entrepreneurs are being encouraged gathering all-round information from the market to match your business needs.
Apart from general services comparison, offices space and equipment provided by virtual office operator such as WiFi connection, business hours and additional charge for mails handling etc., should be considered as well.

Choose Appropriated Business Address

Getting registered business address at a low price is one of the main intensions for start-up choosing virtual office.
Premier business address may drive effectiveness on sales and marketing. If corporate is targeting on niche market, virtual offices located to specific districts can be chosen.

Clear Pricing for Budget Control

In general practise, operational cost for virtual office usage is much lower than office space leasing.
This is the reason for high demand on virtual office service for start-up business.
In fact, entrepreneurs are being suggested to take certain points into account when creating service package.
Of course the package with lowest price is always attractive, nevertheless, some hidden costs may be added on top to the basic plan.
As every service provider has different positioning to the market, having fully understand on their pricing and conducting related comparison are essential.

It is difficult for entrepreneurs to choose the right one from thousands of virtual office providers. We understand your needs on convenient and qualified virtual office services.

As fulfilling customers’ business requirements is our mission, we offer more bespoke services to entrepreneurs than others do.

Conson’s virtual office is incredible, why?

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Most virtual office services will only be offered in prepaid and non-refundable basis. When unpleasant things happen, clients either keep using the existing dissatisfied services or join other service providers.
The extra operational cost, therefore, will be unavoidably increased for further service application.

7 Prime Locations in Hong Kong

Located in major commercial hubs of Hong Kong, our offices are covering landmark buildings include:

All of our offices are close to MTR with walking distance, the accessibility is definitely an advantage for your business. With our 7 prestigious locations, you are able to host meetings at competitive prices without hassle.

Extended Business Hours till 7pm

We understand many founders are full time employed when starting up their own businesses. Our service extension may give entrepreneurs a hand on business dealings.
As most of the business centers just operate till 6pm, startup entrepreneurs who are being employed under common business hours are unable to pick up their mails after work.
It leaves them with no choice on operational cost increment for mail transfer. The cost can be saved as we provide longer service hours till 7pm.

As you can see, Conson is more comprehensive than other business centres. Our flexibility will definitely support your all-round business needs.

Interested parties, please contact us online or by phone on 2159 8001 for getting further information towards our Virtual Office Services.

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